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The Parish Religious Education Program is seeking volunteer catechists for our Sunday Morning, Tuesday Afternoon, and Tuesday Evening Programs. If you are interested in becoming a catechist, or are interested in volunteering as a hall monitor, adult classroom aide, or feel that you have a skill that will be useful for the Religious Education Program we encourage you to contact the Office of Religious Education at jmcguire@stpaulsofprinceton.org.

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Hello St. Paul Parents! Several board positions and event coordinator positions are open for the 2017-18 school year. We hope you will consider joining us to refresh our traditions and build our community, as we strive to enhance our children's education. Many of our events and teams are co-lead, in order to enhance collaboration and friendship among busy parents.

Open positions include: Vice President, Treasurer, Hospitality Chairperson, Procurement Coordinator, Book Fair Coordinator, Teacher Appreciation/ROAR Coordinator and Mother/Son Outing Coordinator.

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Do you remember how nervous you and your child were on the first day of school? One way SPS helps new families adjust and feel more comfortable in their new environment is through the "New Family Ambassador Program." If you think you would like to be that friendly supportive face of SPS, be a valuable resource for helping a new family resolve those "little unanswered" questions that arise about two weeks before and two weeks after school begins, then we would love to have you volunteer.

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