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Blue Ribbon 2012

St. Paul School has been selected by the United States Department of Education as a 2012 Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. Selected as one of 269 schools nationwide, St. Paul School will be honored at a formal ceremony in Washington DC on November 12-13.

The National Blue Ribbon Schools Program recognizes public and private K-12 schools for their academic excellence and ability to help students achieve at very high levels. The program sets a national standard of excellence for all schools striving for the highest level of achievement

Saint Paul School is the only school in Mercer County to obtain Blue Ribbon status this year. Of the total schools nominated for the program nationwide, only 269 schools were awarded the Blue Ribbon, and only 50 of them are from the private sector. To qualify, public schools must rank in the top ten percent of the state, and a private school, such as St. Paul School, must rank in the top ten percent of the nation.

Selection criteria requires a school to have a clear vision and shared sense of mission, challenging and up-to-date curriculum, policies and practices to ensure a safe campus conducive to learning, evidence of family involvement, and a commitment to helping all students achieve high standards and test scores. Schools selected for recognition prepare an extensive written nomination package representing a thorough self-examination. St. Paul School was awarded the Blue Ribbon based on its surpassing US Department of Education blue ribbon cut off scores in Reading and Math Terra Nova testing in all grades tested for 5 consecutive years and demonstrated use of testing results to drive instruction, evaluate educational program and develop the strategic plan.

Other significant factors include a demonstrated rapport with district schools in sharing of strategies and methods, and strong collegial professional relationships; strong, engaging relationship with the surrounding community, along with an active presence and involvement of the PTA to support the school; enhancement of the curriculum by student participation in many outside programs; rigorous curriculum with support for students with challenges and enrichment for students above grade level; dedicated science lab and instructor to enhance the science curriculum and encourage scientific method and exploration; differentiation of instruction and the incorporation with an “Upper School” model to meet the needs of a K-8 student body; strong commitment to professional development of faculty and staff and a world language program that exceeds the standards set by the Council of American Private Education.

"This award reflects the commitment, dedication and stellar work ethic of our students, faculty and staff,” said Ryan Killeen, St. Paul School principal. “To be ranked and selected as a school in the top ten percent in the nation is a tribute to our belief in the K-8 teaching model, our mission and our values.”

Founded in 1880 by the Sisters of Mercy, St. Paul School is Princeton’s first and only co-educational Catholic elementary school, serving children Pre-K3 to grade 8 in a nurturing learning community. St. Paul School is a Catholic school that is committed to teaching the message of Jesus and the truths of the Catholic faith, while providing the highest level of a challenging academic program.