School Board/Governance

The mission of the St. Paul’s School Board is to promote Catholic values and Christian traditions in education and to ensure the continued existence of quality, Catholic primary education at St. Paul’s School.

The board consists of ten volunteer members appointed by the pastor, the school principal, and the existing Board Chair through a public nomination process as openings arise. Members may serve two consecutive three-year terms.

The title and authority of this board, as dictated by the Diocese of Trenton’s Board of Education under Canon Law, are to act in an advisory capacity to the pastor and the school principal. The board participates in the formulation of policies upon request, which must be approved by the pastor for implementation by the principal.

The SPS School Board is a board of limited jurisdiction with mandated responsibilities in the areas of Finance, Facilities, Marketing, and Advancement. The board serves in an advisory capacity to the pastor and principal in the areas of Catholic Identity, Academics, and Administration.