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Read to Feed
Dr. Ryan Killeen

A few weeks back, I shared with you all our launch of our Read to Feed program with Heifer International. All of our students were challenged to read and have their reading sponsored to raise funds in support of the programs of Heifer International.

To quote iconic 80’s television show the A-team, “I love it when a plan comes together” To say we were overwhelmed by the response to the program would be an understatement. The enthusiasm our students and families have shown has been phenomenal. With the last few responses coming in we have raised approximately $5,000 which will be matched dollar for dollar through the Heifer matching program. Thank you to Mrs. Graja and Ms. Dwyer for spearheading this initiative.

The synergy of this program, supporting positive literacy, along with social justice is what makes it so unique. Students are excited and eager to read and we see that excitement continuing. The impact these resources will make in the lives of families around the globe is hard for us to even comprehend. A critical component of the program is the education of students on the realities of poverty and food insecurity globally.

An element that I must admit we did not fully appreciate was the empowerment our students would feel through participation. I was struck recently when discussing the program with one of our third grade students. He was so excited by the program and so proud of his participation. To paraphrase his words, “I’m a kid, I don’t usually get to change people’s lives” But changing lives is exactly what our kids have done and there is a lesson in these words for us all. We all confront opportunities every day, big and small that allow us to be a force for positive change. I am so heartened to see our children embrace to opportunity to lead and live lives of faith-filled service.

Thank you all for your support of all we do here at SPS but in particular this year’s inaugural Read to Feed program.

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