Strategic Plan - Academics

Each student will be able to perform effectively, according to ability, in a spiritually and academically challenging environment.

Objective 1

Curriculum Articulation

Analyze, Evaluate and support the Horizontal and Vertical Articulation of a rigorous curriculum aligned with Diocesan, state, and National Standards.

Objective 2

Cross Curricular Learning

Enhance Critical Thinking through Cross Curricular Learning

Objective 3

Technological Literacy

Develop Technological Literacy by infusing technology in support of curricular goals across all disciplines.

Strategy 1

Apply and evaluate the curriculum map for all disciplines: Integrated Language Arts, Social Studies. Mathematics, Science, Religion, Spanish, Technology and Visual Arts.

Increase opportunities for cross-curricular learning that draw together subject matter from two or more disparate academic perspectives.

Increase accessibility to content specific, age appropriate technological devices, software and training to reach curricular goals.

Strategy 2

Establish positive growth and curricular support though a team of master teachers/instructional coaches in STEM, Humanities, and Religion.

Provide higher order learning experiences that will increase opportunities for critical thinking.

Collaborative professional development in educational technology.

Strategy 3

Promote targeted professional development for all faculty to promote 21st Century learning in all disciplines.

Engage families and communities in support of cross curricular learning

Implementation of 1:1 Surface program and Microsoft Classroom to support independent learning.

Strategy 4

Ongoing collaboration and articulation with Catholic and Independent Secondary schools.

Implementation of Project Lead the Way Launch Curriculum in grades K-5