Strategic Plan - Facilities

Create and maintain excellent facilities that will provide students of Saint Paul School a safe and engaging environment for all academic and co-curricular programs.

Objective 1

Master Plan

Support and advance overall facilities maintenance plans that support St. Paul School facilities, while concurrently meeting regulatory and accreditation requirements.

Objective 2

Campus Aesthetics

Amongst competing requirements, facilities are purposely designated for utilization to enable appropriate resourcing and to fully support and accommodate School requirements within both SPS dedicated spaces and multi-purpose facilities.

Strategy 1

Ensure school aims, plans, and efforts are considered for current and future use.

Identify requirements, in coordination with users, to accommodate multi-purpose uses, collateral equipment, furnishings, and outfitting.

Strategy 2

Develop, coordinate, and implement plans to ensure school facility requirements are supported and sourced.

Ensure facilities are designated, resourced, and utilized appropriately.

Strategy 3

Identify all areas of student learning are supported by designated spaces.