Strategic Plan - Finance

We will ensure the delivery of sound, timely financial reporting to enable the Pastor, Principal and the Parish Finance Committee to make timely financial decisions impacting Saint Paul School and its constituents. Proactively advise, monitor and oversee the financial infrastructure of Saint Paul School. We will ensure that the appropriate controls are established. We will coordinate the financial reporting from the Endowment Committee and the PTA to the Parish Finance Committee

Objective 1
Financial Growth

Develop a long-term financial plan for growing the endowment, capital and exploring alternate revenue streams.

Objective 2

Explore and evaluate a Tuition Model including Tuition Assistance

Strategy 1

Work with the Parish Finance and SPS Development Committees to develop a plan that will grow capital.

Form a committee to explore other tuition models.

Strategy 2

Explore, whether via task force or other means, an alternate, non-tuition based stream of revenue.

Manage enrollment, marketing and faculty quality to attract students while sustaining the current facilities and resources.

Strategy 3

Aim to attain maximum support via the Annual Fund and partner with Development to ensure broadest reaches for fundraising.

Explore methods of tracking tuition and categories.

Strategy 4

Manage investments and other opportunities to increase the endowment and ensure maximum return.

Explore other models of tuition assistance.