The St. Paul School curriculum is designed to meet and exceed the Trenton Diocesan, Common Core State Standards, and the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards for Education. Class sizes are limited to a maximum size of 24 students per classroom and provide for individual attention and active learning experiences.

The school's academic goals are to develop in and enable students to become independent learners and thinkers who can apply what they have learned to real-life situations preparing them for high school and beyond.

St. Paul School's traditional core curriculum includes: Religion, Integrated Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. The curriculum is enriched with programs in Physical Education/Health, Technology, World Language (Spanish), Music, Art, and Library/Media.

The educational program at SPS is very rigorous and prepares students for academic excellence, due to a solid plan based on a common vision. The students develop leadership and public speaking skills as a result of opportunities provided in the everyday learning.

Curriculum by grade level