Integrated Language Arts

The Integrated Language Arts program at Saint Paul Catholic School provides students with instruction in all aspects of literacy: reading, writing, speaking, listening, visualizing, and thinking. Through ILA, students will develop the necessary competencies needed to communicate effectively.

Writer’s Workshop , the writing component of The Reading and Writing Project, a program developed by Lucy Calkins at Columbia University’s Teacher’s College, has been adopted school-wide. This research based program guides students through the writing process, using mini-lessons, individual conferences and authentic examples of text. Students learn to write with a purpose: to narrate, persuade, and inform. Students are continually challenged to edit and improve their work.

The Journeys Reading Program is a research-based integrated language arts program that has been implemented due to its comprehensive literacy focus. During the early years of literacy development students learn to read with the focus on phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Students continue to develop the ability to predict, ask questions, visualize, make connections, and summarize.

As SPS students enter grades 6-8, supplemental basal readers and other literature are utilized to expand the exposure to various genres.

Novels are included in the curriculum in Grades 2-8. Students analyze and respond to these works of literature in class discussion and written assignments.

Junior Great Books , which incorporates the Shared Inquiry Socratic Method, is implemented K-8 at SPS. This program features high quality literature and in-depth reading, thinking, and writing activities. Students engage in discussions, learn to read and think critically as they interpret challenging texts, participate in rich discussions, and write strong responses with textual evidence.

Latin Roots , a supplemental program in grades 6-8, enhances vocabulary development and awareness.