The Mathematics program emphasizes problem-solving and introduces the student to critical and analytical thinking, a pre-requisite for future studies. The curriculum emphasizes concepts of computation, logic, number relations, measurement, geometry, and problem solving. Curriculum is vertically articulated according to Diocesan and Common Core Standards.

Primary grades focus on the building blocks essential for continued success in mathematics. Students move through basic facts, measurement, fractions, patterns and sequences, decimals, pre-algebra, and algebra. Critical thinking is emphasized in problem solving. Students write in math journals, describing in their own words the concepts learned on a specific day.

Teachers in grades K-8 differentiate instruction to address the multiple levels present in their classrooms. Lessons include cooperative learning, the use of manipulative's, and technology enhancements to engage the students.

Students participate in activities that mimic real-world scenarios to help with the application and retention of skills. Activities include projects dealing with banking, stock market analysis, and retail store practices. Students in the upper school, grades 6-8, are provided small group instruction based on ability.

In grades 2-5, a dedicated math enrichment teacher works with students who perform above grade level, allowing the classroom teacher to provide more individualized instruction.

SPS offers Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 to all students who qualify. TerraNova scores, classroom performance, and end of year assessment are factors which determine placement.

All math teachers collaborate to facilitate a smooth transition from year to year, sharing successful strategies to meet the needs of each individual student. There is a Professional Learning Community (PLC) dedicated to improving upon the transition of students from the elementary group (grades K-5) to the middle school group (grades 6-8). Teachers examine Terra Nova scores, classroom assessments, textbooks, and supplemental resources to ensure a smooth transition from concrete to abstract thinking for SPS students.

Textbooks – The Lower School (K – 5) uses the Pearson enVision series which aligns with the Common Core and is adapted to meet the curriculum provided by the Diocese. The Upper School uses the Holt series – Course 1 (6thgrade) through Pre-Algebra. All Algebra classes use the McDougall Littell Algebra I textbook which aligns with the textbooks used in the Diocesan High Schools.