Summer Reading

Summer Reading at SPS

In the spirit of Harvard developmental psychologist, Howard Gardner, Summer Reading at St. Paul School is getting a brand new look!

Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences celebrates the fact that we all learn in many different ways. When students are given the opportunity to learn and create using the avenues that come naturally to them, they will thrive and grow to love learning in all of its forms.

Multiple Intelligence theory identifies 8 distinct intelligences.

These are:









Using these intelligences as a guide, we have developed a menu of choices that each student can use to pick a project that will demonstrate internalization and mastery of a summer reading book.

Here’s how it all works:

  • 1. Students select and read 3 books from their teacher’s master list. Lists will be developed by the grade cluster teams and will contain at least 25 choices.
  • 2. Using their favorite of the 3 books, students will choose ONE of the projects from our Summer Reading Choice Menu. These choices represent each of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences.
  • 3. The students are required to bring their projects to school according to each teacher’s assigned due date. Each child gets a chance to present his/her project to the rest of the class.