Reading Assignments

How the summer reading project works:

  • 1.Students select and read 3 books from their teacher’s master list. Lists will be developed by the grade cluster teams and will contain at least 25 choices.
  • 2.Using their favorite of the 3 books, students will choose ONE of the projects from our Summer Reading Choice Menu. These choices represent each of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences.
  • 3.The students are required to bring their projects to school according to each teacher’s assigned due date. Each child gets a chance to present his/her project to the rest of the class.

Gardner's Multiple Intelligences/Assignments


*Create a map of the places that the story takes place. Add as much detail as you can!

*Draw a comic strip retelling an important part of the book. Mount the comic strip onto a poster board for display.

*Make a video about your book advertising why others should read it. Be creative!

*Paint a picture that represents what you liked best about the story.

*Make some puppets that represent the characters in your book. Provide a description of each character on an index card for each puppet.


*Create a model of one of the most important places in the story.

  • *Design and build a mobile showing the important themes in the story.
  • *Cook a recipe from the part of the world where your book takes place. Make sure to write the recipe down along with a brief description about how it connects to the book.

*Make a detailed diorama showing the setting of your book. Add a paragraph or two on a separate paper explaining what you have shown.

*Teach the class dance steps to a dance that comes from the area of the world where your book takes place. You could even wear a costume from that area while you perform the dance!


*Perform a piece of music that reminds you of something from the story. Be prepared to tell the class why you chose this music and how it connects with the story.

*Write a rap song about the story’s main ideas.

*Put together a playlist for the book. Choose at least 1 song for each section of the story. Be prepared to play a sample from each song and explain to the class what the connection is with your book’s events.

*If your book is historical, research music from that time period and create a playlist to share with the class.


*Interview someone else who has read this book. Develop questions about characters, plot, themes, and other areas that may interest you.

*Write a script for a short play that can tell others the main points of your book and get them interested in reading it, too!

*Plan a party for the characters in your book. Make an invitation, design a menu, make sample decorations, put together a playlist of music, and write up a schedule of events!

*Write and film a commercial that will get others to want to read the book.

*Teach a short lesson to the class on how to do something that is important in your book. (Examples: knitting, survival skills, speak a different language, tying nautical knots, caring for a pet)


*Keep a journal of your own as you read the book. Describe how you are feeling, what you are thinking, and any surprises you find!

*Make a scrapbook about the story as if you were one of the characters trying to keep the memories of what happened.

*Compare and contrast two of the characters in the story. You can show this information on a poster, in an essay, or an art project.

*Write a personal essay about something that the book made you think about. It should be at least 2 pages.


*Label and classify any plants and animals that would be found where your story takes place. Create a poster showing these things.

*If possible, take a field trip to a place that is similar to where your story is set. Take pictures and create a photo album.

*Design and grow a window box garden of plants or vegetables that make you think about something important from your book. You can take pictures of this project throughout the summer and make a scrapbook or poster of the photos to share with the class.


*Write a journal from the point of view of your favorite character. Include at least 10 entries in the journal.

*Develop a crossword puzzle about the story.

*Design and make a newspaper telling about your book’s events. Include articles, pictures, and fictional interviews!

*Write a letter to one of the characters in the story telling him/her why you agree or disagree with a choice that they made. Letters should be well developed and a full page in length (length is for grades 3-8). Be prepared to read this letter aloud to the class.

*Create a book of poems about the book. Make at least 5 poems and put them together in book form for display.


*Make a timeline of events for the book from beginning to end.

*Design a game to show others what the book is about.

*Create a flow chart of events from beginning to end with a description of each part.

*Make word puzzles or word searches for your class to complete. Include lots of information about your book’s setting, plot, and characters.