Coach's Corner

Our volunteer coaches are the backbone of the Athletics program. The St. Paul community is so proud and grateful to have such wonderful people guiding the children to become better Christian athletes.

If interested in coaching, please see the contact information on this page.

Listed below are the requirements that ALL coaches must fulfill in order to coach at St. Paul. Please use the links provided:

VIRTUS Training-Please make sure to select "Trenton, NJ (Diocese)" from the list of organizations in order to find out when and where this training is offered in New Jersey

The Rutgers S.A.F.E.T.Y. clinic-use this link to find out how to replace a certification card or find out the date of the next scheduled course. Go to "Schedules," then "Safety Clinic" for a list of upcoming dates.

Fingerprint Form-Fingerprinting is required for all coaches. Please use this form and set-up an appointment



Russell Lorring, SPAC Athletic Director