The St. Paul Athletic Committee is comprised of various members of the St. Paul Community who graciously volunteer their time for the greater good of the Athletics program. SPAC strives to provide ample opportunities for children in the St. Paul community to participate in and enjoy sports in a way that promotes sportsmanship, teamwork, and cooperation.

Members of the committee include:



School Principal

Athletic Director

Athletic Commissioner


Basketball Director

Committee Advisor

Fundraising Chair


Compliance Coordinator

Equipment Manager

Website/Calendar Coordinator

PTA Liaison

Marketing Liaison

SPAC Member

Monsignor Joe Rosie

Kim Clauss

Russell Lorring

Chris Cano

Dan Vilarelle

Brian Augustine

Leo Stinson

Brian Okupski

Mike Maguire

Michelle King

Joe Sarubbi

Maureen Conway

Elizabeth Thielmann

Carol Sullivan