SPAC Scholarship


To recognize one male and one female graduating 8th grade St. Paul Athletic Committee sport participant for accomplishment in the areas of spirituality, scholarship and service.


Any St. Paul Parish 8th grade student is eligible who meets the criteria listed below and submits an application by the stated deadlines. Students will be evaluated in the following areas: spirituality, scholarship, and service as well as sportsmanship.

A SPAC Chairperson will blindly evaluate all applications.

The committee can select one male and one female applicant each year. Each selected candidate must meet certain baseline criteria in order to be eligible for the award.

Previous Award Winners:

2016- Molly Hart and Luke Okupski

2015- Gabriela Cano and Aaron Uy

2014-Julianna Okupski and Anthony Abbondandolo


The following areas will be evaluated in the selection process.

1.)Athletic Participation – membership on SPAC approved sport teams and clinics in grades 6-8 as recorded by SPAC records. Membership must be maintained for the full season. Additional credit will be given for SPAC involvement in lower grades. If any athlete was hurt and could not complete a season, please list and explain for possible credit. IMPORTANT – Spring ’17 sport members – you must be completely registered by no later than the first practice of the season or April 4th, 2017 whichever is earlier and be actively participating on the team throughout the entire sport season.


Honor roll in grades 6-8 through second marking cycle of 8th grade. Additional credit given for high honor roll.

Proof of performance: Must submit a copy of final official 6th and 7th grade report cards and copy of latest official 8th grade report card.

Definition: Honor roll is defined as B or better in all courses. No grades of F in Pass/Fail courses. S or higher in courses evaluated as Outstanding/Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. No Unsatisfactories are allowed in behavior categories.

3.)Spirituality and Service

Spirituality and Service are part of the core values of the total sports program. Points will be awarded in the areas of spirituality and service activities for participation in grades 2-8 through May 16, 2017; along with the approximate number of hours per month, will be considered and calculated.


Mike Maguire-SPAC Scholarship Selection Committee Chair Person