Family Commitment & Credits

PTA Commitment Fee:

All SPS families are required to contribute a minimum of $250 toward the PTA major fundraisers each year. There are several opportunities to achieve this.

  • Donate $250 towards sponsorship of the Lion's Chase
  • In the fall, Families may purchase raffle tickets amounting to $250 for Ten Week Club, or sell them to family and friends.
  • Alternatively, in March, families may purchase 2 tickets to the Shamrock Auction, each costing $125.

Volunteer Opportunities & Credits:

  • Each SPS family is required to fulfill a minimum 15 credits of volunteer service each year. Families should report the credits they fulfill during the course of the school year on the Volunteer Credit Reporting Form (found on the School website under the Current Families Tab/PTA).
  • Families with unfulfilled credits will be billed $25 for each unfulfilled credit at the end of the school year