SPS families with students in grades K-8 are required to contribute a minimum of $250 toward the PTA major fundraisers each year. Those major fundraisers are:

How do I fulfill my fundraising obligation?
  • Families may purchase raffle tickets amounting to $250 for Ten Week Club, or sell them to family and friends.
  • Alternatively, families may purchase 2 tickets to Shamrock Auction, each costing $125.
How are the funds raised being used?

Funds raised by the PTA pay for the budget assessment due to the school each year. This assessment pays for operating expenses including but not limited to teacher professional development and technological support. After our budget assessment has been met, the PTA financially supports specific programs at the school. These include:

  • Teacher Classroom Wish Lists
  • Teacher Appreciation Luncheon
  • Teacher Birthday Gifts
  • Faculty Meeting Refreshments
  • Eighth Grade Trip to Washington, D.C.
  • New Family Ambassador Picnic
  • Special Guest Artist and Speaker Assemblies
  • First Communion Luncheon
  • Thanksgiving Luncheon Turkey