The Power of Play

The Power of Play: How to Foster Success by Teaching Self- Control

Though we often associate play with fun and games, for children, play is an important part of development- and the ability to regulate thoughts & emotions and to cooperate with others in a group setting are prerequisites for success.

Join parents and professionials for a workshop about the critical life skills through play on April 28th at 8:15am in the St. Timothy Room.

Child development expert and guest speaker Amy Hornbeck will share research and strategies on how you can help build your child's self-regulation skills while supporting age appropriate physical, emotional and cognitive development.

Amy Hornbeck is an educational consultant whose area of expertise is early childhood development and special education. Amy was the National Director of Training for Tools of the Mind, a non-profit organization that developed innovative curricula to support young children's development of self-regulation skills. While at Tools, Ms. Hornbeck oversaw the development of professional training experiences for thousands of teachers across the United States. Ms. Hornbeck has published articles and regularly speaks to groups on issues related to early childhood education, play and the development of self-regulation skills. Prior to joining Tools of the Mind, Ms. Hornbeck was a research associate at the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) at Rutgers University, where her academic focus was related to the impact of curriculum and coaching on student outcomes.