December 21, 2018


Dear St. Paul family,


It's almost Christmas.  As we prepare for Jesus' birth, we all find ourselves incredibly busy.  I've had a good amount of time over the past few months to "ponder" many things and I wanted to share just one simple moment with you.  Maybe it will help put some perspective on where we need to be at this moment in time.  I hope it does.


Each morning I have a bit of a drive.  It's dark this time of year and one morning this past week I was feeling especially quiet and thoughtful.  Lost in my thoughts, I made the turn onto a still and dark Nassau Street.  As I drew close to the school, I suddenly saw the beautiful, lighted Christmas tree and manger in front of our parish center.  I can't explain why, but it touched me.  A sense of peace came over me and I smiled.  It was simple.  It was just a moment.  It filled me with hope.


I know, it was a man-made light.  But was it?  Millennia ago Matthew tells us of three astronomers from the east who were inspired by a light.  They made a bit of an effort just to see a small child.  Celestial or man-made, inspiration and motivation can come from many different lights in our daily lives.


So as we come ever closer to celebrating the birth of Christ, I ask that you take a moment, look for the light of Jesus in your own life and in the celebration of His birth.  Be thankful for Him and those lights. Be thankful for your many blessings, pushing aside for a moment even the worst difficulties we all face daily.  Just do it for a moment.  By doing so I hope that you find what I have found here at St. Paul's – a light in my life, one that makes me feel blessed every time I turn that dark corner.





Kim Clauss

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