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Each year, as terms of membership expire, we seek new members to join a committee where they can best use their gifts and talents. Currently the board is seeking candidates to join the following sub-committees. Indicated next to the committee name is the skillset currently required for that respective committee:

·         Finance Committee – finance background and familiarity with budgeting.

·         Facilities Committee – construction, engineering, and/or facilities management background

·         Strategic Planning – Strategic and tactical planning

·         Stakeholders Engagement – Corporate management or Human Resource background

·         Marketing – Professional Graphic Artist and Professional Copywriter

St. Paul School is proud to be participating this spring in the Read to Feed Program sponsored by Heifer International. In the program students can be sponsored by family and friends for reading. All funds raised will be used to support the programs of Heifer International to support families in need, providing solutions to the problems of hunger and poverty.

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